Transgender New Mexico Photos

PRIDE June 2005  


Meeting 5/20/05  


April 2005 Jaye, on her way to church in TX, sends greetings to all in NM.


Agatha's Farewell Party March 26,2004  
Happy Agatha Robin cuts the cake
Agatha opens gift
cake another gift
Me? Listeners
Enjoying cake Enjoying cake
Party goers Enjoying cake
Party goers Party goers
Party goers Party goers
Party goers Party goers
Party goers Party goers
Party goers Party goers
Party goers Party goers
Photographer Photographer
Happy Couples  
Couple 1 Couple 2
Couple 3 Couple 4
November, 2003
Jaye, who moved to Texas to be closer to family, sends greetings to all in NM
Friday Meeting October 17, 2003
One member leads a discussion Others listen
More listen Joy enjoys a candy bar
April 9, 2003
After years of much hard work on the part of many, Governor Bill Richardson signs the bill outlawing hate crimes in NM
The bill includes "gender identity" as a protected class
The governor at Temple Albert Virginia and Robin
Virginia and Robin listen to the governor Liz and Bill
the bill is signed Kat and Jane
Bill and Virginia Bill and Robin
Later, in Santa Fe, Governor Bill Richardson signs the new non-discrimination act
This bill includes "gender identity" as well as sexual orientation
Virginia and Rudy Jo, Virginia, and Gloria
Gloria, Gail, Liz, Jo Randeymichelle and Robin
Liz, Gail, Governor and Mrs. Richardson Bill with Gail, who introduced the House version of the law
Bill and Mimi enthusiasm
lots of pens Is this really going to happen at last?
many worked for this moment Governor Richardson signs the non-discrimination act
Governor Richardson signs an executive order extending benefits to domestic partners of state employees Governor Richardson appreciates the support of the GLBT community
sean's sister shares his joy Bill and Rudy

Albuquerque Day of Remembrance November 20, 2002
Let us remember We must speak out
Remembering those killed by ignorance and hate Full of life
We deserve respect, not tolerance!
We have a right to live our lives
Albuquerque Pride Parade 2002
Proud Tg Marchers
Proud Tg Marchers
Proud Tg Marchers
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