Transgender New Mexico


Agora: free, confidential, compassionate help to anyone in need of emotional support.  Services include all-issue helpline, walk-in clinic, and referral service


Bowers, MD: SRS surgeon for MTF in our neigboring state of CO


Coalition For Equality in NM: ten year old state organization providing statewide trainings and legislative agenda


Equality PAC: New Mexico's GLBT's political action commitee providing all you need to vote


GenderPAC:The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition-the national organization working to end discrimination and violence caused by gender stereotypes


GenderTalk: Web Radio and Trans Resources


Human Rights Campaign: Working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equal rights


International Foundation for Gender Education


Intersex Society of North America


Melanie's TG Support Site: voice lessons, hormones, surgery, and more!


New Mexico Gender Advocacy Information Network "in support of transgender issues"


New Mexico Legislature with bill finder, bill watcher, and tools to find your senator and representative (with phone and email) by name, district or zip code


The Rose - Transsexual Sanctuarie - a dedicated resource for the transsexual woman and the intersexed (based in Taos)


Soulforce, Inc-a journey to end the suffering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women Now with a special transgender page archive of medical, guidance and general health information. Hormonal therapy and electrolysis guide books are also available online.


Transgender Family and Friends Support Network


Transgender Forum-weekly magazine on the web since 1995


TVI Student Organization


Under 21 (GLBTQ) Group of Albuquerque


Wilde Bunch-glbt square dance club: music, movement, fun, new friends!





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