In New Mexico names are changed in the Civil Division of Judical District Courts.

Albuquerque is in the Second Judical District which conducts business in the Bernalillo County Courthouse at 400 Lomas NE, marked District Court on this map.


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name change form

Download the name change form using the link above. Open it in MS Word and fill in the blanks. You may leave the date and judge's name blank as the court clerk will add these.There is plenty of room; so don't go reformatting it. Also, the court clerk needs room for all the official stamps to be placed on it. Print two copies as they charge $0.35 per page to make copies.

Take your completed forms to the new Bernalillo County Court Building at 400 Lomas NW. After
passing through security go around to the right to the clerk's office. You will need $122.00 CASH or a certified check to register (as of 7/4/04). A judge will be assigned to you. Go to that judge's clerk to get a court date.

Next go to the Health City Sun Newspaper at 900 Park Ave SW to place your ad in the paper for
publishing the name change. The newspaper will accept a check for $35.00. After two weeks they will send you an affidavit of publication and a copy of the ad. Take these with you to your court date.

Dress nice, be polite, and smile! In about five weeks you will have a
new name! I think that I would also take my birth certificate and other ID
just in case. I have not heard of any one having a hard time.

general information about name changes